Monday, October 22, 2007

A benefit for the children

Well this past weekend was the benefit for my girls' dad. They raised money to assist with his medical bills. And he has qualified for a medical card so that will help with his medical bills as well. Now the only prob is that everybody has seemed to have forgotten about the children who are w/out that income that he paid child support on every month. Not to mention the fact that until he recovers (if he ever does) they are minus a father.

Now he has qualified for Social Security Disability but unfortunately they don't start sending checks until you've been disabled for 6 months, so us single moms are w/out that income for 6 months from now. Now I know I don't speak for myself here when I say that, that income was essential to pay bills. It wasn't "extra" money. Without that money I'm 2 months behind on rent as that's where my child support check went every month.

So I've decided to be the voice of his 4 children. I'm going to host a benefit for these kids. I'm going to start off by hosting an online benefit thru Paypal. I will post a link at the bottom of this blog for anyone who wishes to contribute. Now this money is going to go to all 4 of his children, my two girls, his son in Lehigh, & his daughter in Oklahoma, so don't think I'm just like raising money for myself, that's not what this is at all.

And I'm trying to get together w/my friend who owns the local bar to see if he'd be willing to let me use his facility to host a benefit. I'll have more details for you on that front later after I talk to him.

And I will be posting later w/update on Adam's recovery process & pics of the last couple of visits w/him. So check back later for more...

If you would like to help out by donating to the Range kids, click here.

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Unknown said...

Very good cause - I'm spreading the word where I can!