Tuesday, October 30, 2007

My blog...evidence in a court preceding

LMAO!!!!!!! LMAO!!!!!! LMAO!!!!!! LAUGH MY ASS OFF!!!!!

Yep, that's right my blog was officially entered as evidence in the court precedings today! How fucking funny is that! Yep, Charissa went to all the trouble of printing off a bunch of my blogs, thinking that would help her case. It was done to discredit my friendship with Adam. Well, that didn't work for her at all!! Really, it doesn't matter what I thought about him, what matters is what he thought about me & that he had enough respect for me that if he was getting married or was married that he would have told me as that would affect our children. She really thought that my blog would throw me off guard but I just found it HILARIOUS!! Because I am not stupid, I know that if you put something out there on the net, anybody can get it & use it. That's why I don't put anything out there that I don't want somebody to know. I have LOTS of secrets that I don't post about, trust me I'm great at keeping dirty little secrets *wink wink* If I didn't want someone to read those blogs (or this one) I wouldn't have put it out on the net.

So I literally laughed out loud when her & Doug's atty asked me what it was. Then had me read parts of it. No part of that hurt Joyce's case at all. I'm just there to tell the truth, it doesn't benefit me any way shape or form no matter who gets guardianship & conservatorship of Adam. No matter who gets it, they still have to pay child support until disability starts sending out checks, so as long as they realize that I don't care. My daughters are my only concern in this whole preceding. I mean I do care what happens to Adam, but as long as the right thing is done then that's fine with me. As long as his daughters are able to see him if they want to, then I don't care.

The judge didn't make a final decision yet, but he did state that Charissa was not Adam's wife, that was perfectly clear to him as it was already to all of us. So she can stop using the Range name anytime now. She didn't earn it, she don't deserve it. Lisa & I both earned that name by dealing with his bullshit & we have both subsequently given it back as we don't want to be left with that name.

I can't wait until he can talk & tells her to "go fuck herself!" You know he will. He'll be so furious with her & Doug for pulling this bullshit. I know Adam better than a lot of people do & I know he wouldn't want his dad or his "girlfriend" handling his medical decisions for sure, he'd want his mom to handle that. As far as his trucking company, I'm not sure who he'd want handling that, I'm guessing not his "girlfriend" but I don't know that for sure.

I have lots more to say but I need to hop off here & get supper going for my kiddos. I just HAD to share the hilarious story of my blog being entered into evidence!!! Fucking hilarious!! Really, come on now??!!

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