Friday, September 21, 2007

Ok I guess an update is in order

Well I had a mental breakdown at work yesterday. I had gone 2 days w/out my Welbutrin & everything going on w/the girls' dad just had me at the point of destruction and I ended up w/a customer who said the wrong thing to me. She kept interrupting me not letting me explain to her what she wanted to know and anyone who knows me knows I can't handle people interrupting me, it's just not good, and so I kept trying to talk over her & she just kept trying to talk over me & said she couldn't get a word in edgewise then she did it... she called me a fucking bitch! So I said don't call me that or I will hang up (which we're not allowed to do) so what were the very next words out of her mouth!!! "You are a fucking bitch!" I have never hit that release button so fast before in my life. I turn around & my Team Lead is sitting right there & I tell her I had to I was going to go off on her she tells me I'm not allowed to do that. I run to the bathroom bawling & bawling & can't stop bawling. I was in there for about 15 mins kinda got myself calmed down & went out to my Team Manager & try to tell her I'm going home I can't stay & I start bawling again & she makes me come back & sit down & talk to her. I tell her I can't handle it I need to go home I can't get back onto the phones. She tells me to clock out of my phone & go take a walk outside then see how I felt. So I went outside & talk to my Steph on the phone, then call Adam's nurse, then call Adam's sister & that all made me feel worse. So when my TM came out to see how I was doing I tell her I have to go home so I did. And I pulled the girls out early so that we could go to Wichita to go visit their dad.

So now onto Adam's status update... he's taken a turn for the worse again. We have found out that he had a stroke, which they think prob caused the wreck. He has left-sided paralysis. They are keeping him fully sedated again, everytime they try to bring him out of the sedation his blood pressure drops dangerously low so they have to keep him under while he's healing. They have him on the ventilator 100% again. They couldn't keep his O2 levels high enough w/him breathing a little on his own. He has been into surgery mulitple times in the past couple of days. They had to remove his spleen. He has been having clotting & blood flow issues in his left leg so they had to open him leg up from hip to knee & from knee to ankle & he's hooked up to a machine that's helping keep the blood flowing. He may end up losing that leg yet though. And they found another clot in the left leg in a vein yesterday but couldn't remove surgically so they were going to have to give him a blood thinner but they had to do a CT of his head first to make sure the blood thinnner wasn't going to bring on the bleeding in the brain again. So I'm waiting on the results of that. If they can't get rid of the clot that way it may travel to the right leg then he could lose both of his legs. He definitely has brain damage. The extent of it is unknown until he can wake up. We do know that due to the stroke he will have to relearn EVERYTHING again. Walking, talking, eating, dressing himself, EVERYTHING. And that is IF he ever is able to regain consciousness. He may die in the hospital yet, nothing is known at this point in time. If he does make it out of this his mom & stepdad have already planned on taking him home w/them to rehabilitate so at least that is set in stone as I've been worried what was going to happen to him after the fact. The weird thing is that w/as bad as the wreck was that nothing was broken, not a single broken bone in his entire body. So he had to have been already unconscious before the bike went down, it's the only thing that explains it. Ok well I think I've explained everything that I know, if not I'll try to blog more later today or whenever.

Please keep him & my family in your thoughts & prayers. We need all the help & support that we can get right now. It's going to be a rough time for all of us right now. His family is going to be having a benefit for him in Canton on October 20th so if you can come to help or have anything to donate to raffle off or something to help w/the benefit just let me know, I know they'd appreciate it greatly.

On the me front... I'm looking for a different job. I just can't handle the stress that I get at Alorica from complete strangers. I have enough stress w/my family I don't need it from ASSHOLES & BITCHES over the phone that I don't even know. I don't deserve that, so I'm actively looking for a new job, have already put in some apps & resumes, once I find something I'm more suited for them I'm getting the hell away from Alorica, I just can't handle that line of work anymore. I'm just so mentally, emotionally drained right now. I feel numb. I had my mental breakdown & cried yesterday more than I've cried in a long long time.


Anonymous said...

well, about the girl who released the call and was over talking the customer if i were her team lead i would have fired her 'another name for a donkey'. if you work at a call center you should be prepared for the worst. so what she had problems outside of work, especially with her kids father, that is just ghetto and unprofessional. im not even going to say (write, type) what she should have done because its common sense (does she have any?) and by the way i agree with the customer.... that is acting like a female dog.

Anonymous said...

alorica should have some company approved games that the employees can play between calls. there are many other jobs that do not enforce a clean desk policy that pay more. management can say well go to those companies and get a job but that is not helping the company grow. give your employees some freedom!!!!!!!

Cassandra said...

In response to "anonymous" I know if you work in a call center you should be prepared for the worst, did you not read the part of the blog that said I'm actively looking for a new job because I don't feel that this line of work is right for me. And I know exactly what to do when a customer starts cursing at me, but when you are in the heat of the moment you don't always think logically. Everybody knows that. If somebody were verbally abusive to you would you be able to calmly ignore them? Obviously not, as seen by the ridiculous way you are attacking me for no reason at all & with no provocation. You are obviously not a rational person at all, so that tells me you would have reacted the same exact way.

And as far as attacking me like you so blatantly are in your comment, you attack me & are too much of a chicken shit to even include your first name. It's not like I'd even know who you were anyway, but you are all "anonymous" cause you are afraid. You are just attacking me because you think you're all cool & shit. If your comment really bothered me all that much I would have not allowed it to be posted, as I have total moderation over posts, but nope I posted it to show your ignorance.

Until you are in somebody's shoes you can't go around judging them. "People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones." You have no idea the type of stress in my life right now & how hard everything is on me so you have no right to judge me on anything.