Wednesday, September 26, 2007

An update once again

Ok so I know some of you are wanting to know how the girls' dad Adam is doing, well... not good, not good at all. He's still unconscious and now at this point they are lessening the sedation trying to see what happens neurologically but so far nothing, he's not waking up. They thought he would have started waking up by now, but nothing. So they are a little worried about that. It might be possible that he may never wake up. That's the conclusion they are at at this point. He has blood clots in his left leg & now in his arm as well that they are worried about. He is on a blood thinner to try to get rid of the clot but they have to watch his brain for bleeds then. He still has brain function but don't know how much exactly. The doc is suppose to give his fam a complete sit down update tomorrow so I'll talk to the nurses & to Joyce & Amy after that to find out more. But at this point, it's looking like what we have is all we have to look forward to. How do I tell my daughters that daddy is alive but will never wake up again? His mom is planning on eventually taking him home with her to live & to be cared for, she'll quit her job to take care of him full time. His family has already started the paperwork for social security disability so I'll be getting some money in to help support the girls, but it won't be as much as child support was, so things are going to be really tight from here on out. Things were already tight so it's going to be really bad on my family. Plus now my daughters officially have no father figure in their life. They've lost all of the male role models in their life. I don't know where to turn I don't know what to do. What am I going to do? How do I tell my girls what's going on with their dad? How do I explain to them that he will NEVER be the man they once knew? I'm thinking about this so much that I'm not getting any sleep & I'm more depressed than ever. Ok I'm done typing about this for now.

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