Monday, October 15, 2007

I'm FURIOUS at my kids' school system & the local police force!!

My two daughters go to Herington Elementary School and they had dr's appt so they were late to school. I just went down there to drop them off & I get handed a note from my principal saying the following "On October 14th Herington school officials were informed by the local police department that a threat was made upon Herington Elementary School. The threat was made from outside the Herington community. The school facility was searched Sunday evening and Monday morning. The elementary will remain in a lockdown mode throughout October 15, 2007. If there are any further questions, please contact Herington School's superintendent John Thissen 785-258-2263." He then told me that if I wanted I could keep my kids out of school excused & that many parents were pulling there kids out. Now if I hadn't been dropping my kids off late then I would have NEVER known about this until my kids came home after school. I thank God that my daughters had dr's appts that made them late. I think this is completely ridiculous that parents weren't notified yesterday about the threat. I heard from a police source that the FBI is on their way down now, but why weren't they already here yesterday supervising the search? What I hear from another parent is that the police weren't even the ones who searched the school, the janitors searched the closets, that's what the search consisted of. The school should have been cancelled for the entire day until the FBI was able to get here to investigate. Or in the least ALL of the parents should have been notified with the option to keep their kids out of school for their own safety. This is an outrage & I will make sure something gets done about this.

I have contacted 2 of the local news stations & reported this outrage already. I'm hoping that they follow up with this & get down here & report this atrocious story. I'm just so unbelievably pissed off at the entire school system & the local law enforcement it's ridiculous.

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Royce said...

that does sound bogus....dont these people know you cant put kids in danger and think that parents are gonna be cool with that?