Saturday, October 13, 2007

A very very important issue that I MUST address to all of you, please read, Thanks :)

...From the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee....

President Bush must have forgotten the compassionate part of "compassionate conservative" yet again when he vetoed legislation that would have provided health care for 10 million American children.

This was perhaps George Bush's most heartless act ever -- knowing that he could help deliver health care to millions of American children -- then, wiping out that hope with a stroke of his veto pen.

We may not be able to change the President's mind. But, if we work together -- make it our mission between now and October 18th -- we can find the 15 Republican votes we need to make the President's cold-hearted veto pen powerless.

The DCCC is already on the airwaves pressuring Republicans to join us in an override. Now, I need your help.

Send a message to the DCCC 15 targets demanding they vote to override the Presidents veto.

George Bush could have done the right thing. Instead, he used his pen to say: I forbid 10 million American children from getting the health care coverage they deserve.

A few weeks ago, I met with a family that understands firsthand the importance of the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP). Three years ago, several members of the Frost family of Maryland were involved in a horrible automobile accident that left their two children with traumatic brain injuries. Thankfully, these children received the very best care because of SCHIP.

George W. Bush, with his cruel veto pen, pulled the rug out from families such as the Frosts. But with your help, we will make SCHIP the law with or without the President's support.

In the next week, we need to find 15 Republicans to switch their votes to pass this vital piece of legislation. If they do not, they will face an unrelenting campaign by the DCCC to make sure their constituents know they do not support healthcare for children.

It won't be easy, but with your help, we can give 10 million children the health care coverage they deserve.

Thank you,

Nancy Pelosi

****Please everybody copy & paste this into a new post & pass along to EVERYONE you know. This issue is near & dear to my heart as my children get healthcare thru the state. Without the government's help my children would have NO health insurance at all. These children that this program would help don't have a voice of their own so we have to be their voices. Please make sure everybody you know passes this on & goes online & signs the petition. Thanks, Cassi****

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