Saturday, December 15, 2007

Hey all you Herington folks!!!

Do you have Allegiance Communications for your internet?

If so just wanting to give you all a heads up on how lovely they really are. I got a nice little letter from them telling me suddenly about how my internet plan has a limit of usage per month, I'm only allowed 15 GB per month & if I go over that next month I will be charged $3 per GB. They tell me that last month I used 58 GB of usage & if they would charge me it would be like $129!!!!

In case you all don't know this, that's how they USED to charge for internet usage on a home computer, but nobody does that anymore, they have different sized packages for bandwidth size, what your upload & download speed is. If you want faster internet you pay for it. They don't charge you extra for using it more, that's just plain ridiculous! How are you suppose to track your internet usage like that???!!!! Plus they are charging $39.99 for this nice little 15 GB per month package they are offering. Did you know that you can get DSL thru AT&T for like $14 per month????!!!!!! It's their lowest package so it's their slowest. There FASTEST package is $34!!! Faster than cable & NO LIMIT on your monthly usage!!!!!

Plus did you all know that you can actually get satellite for cheaper than cable. I pay $39.99 for basic which is like what 45 channels!!! And I got an offer thru Direct TV for $29.99 for 150 channels!!!! Equipment is free & installation is free!!! And you get HBO, Cinemax, etc FREE for 3 months!!!

Is Allegiance offering anything special like that?? NO!!! They think they have us all cornered that there's no other option, but I'm here to tell you differently, there is PLENTY OTHER OPTIONS!!!! They don't have a monopoly on TV & internet in our nice little community!!!!! So stick it to them & get rid of their ASSES like me!!!!

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