Thursday, September 27, 2007

Ok here we go

I skipped work today & am picking the girls up at 11am to skip school so that we can go down to Wichita to see how Adam's doing. I've dreamt 2 nights in a row now that when I go in to see him & I basically chew his ass out for doing this to our girls that he then wakes up suddenly. So I'm taking that as a sign that I need to take the girls down there today. I texted his sis to tell her we're coming & she calls me & tells me that he moved his head last night!! So that's a good sign I think. She asked me to make some CD's for him cause they said he can have music to listen to now. So I made 4 CD's w/some good ole country for him. Also I decided to take the girls' school pics up there, I got the bigger ones and I'm going to Dollar General to buy a couple frames & I'll have the girls give them to their daddy. He's just gotta pull out of this, he just has to. For the girls' sake he has to wake up at least. Even if he's never the man we once knew he has to at least wake up & be something not just a vegetable on life support.

So anyhow, please those of you that pray out there, put him & his family (including my daughters) in your prayers please :) Thanks!!

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