Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Well I guess

You all are probably wondering how life is for little old me. First off the girls' dad is doing not much better than the last time I posted. He is in stable condition which is good. But he's still not waking up. They've been lessening the sedation & pain meds to try to get him to wake up but so far no luck. He does open his right eye a tiny little bit & he does move his mouth but the doctors say not to get our hopes up that may not mean anything at all. But he does it when we are in there talking to him so we'd like to believe it does mean something good. He is completely breathing on his own. He still has the trach in but it's just for backup just in case he stops breathing, which is awesome news. All of his vitals are normal so it looks like he's going to live, but what kind of life is it going to be is yet to be seen. He may never wake up. He will definitely never be the man he once was, but we at least want him to wake up & be a person not a vegetable. We took Chey's boombox down to him & I made him some country music CD's that he'd like cause the nurses said he can listen to music. So Chey played little DJ & played him some tunes while we were down there last Thursday. She seemed to enjoy doing that for her daddy. Hopefully we'll be able to go back for a visit this week w/out me having to miss too much work, this is really getting expensive for me.

Next issue is that his family is fighting over guardianship of him. His mom is filing for guardianship of him first, which in my opinion is the only person who should get control of what goes on w/his health & finances. But his little girlfriend of 2 months has filed an injunction claiming that they've been together since March 2006 and that they are married!!! How can she get away with making such a bold faced lie of a claim to the courts!! Well I tell you one thing, she ain't going to get away with it. I have to go to court in McPherson County on this Thursday to testify to the fact that they've only been together for a couple months & his mom should have guardianship as she is the only person who truly knows him at this point. So I call his most recent ex, who was just with him May of 2007, to see if she would testify & said that his dad is having her write a letter stating her opinion that he knows him best!!! So there's not only 2 family members fighting over him but now 3!!! This is just ridiculous! Instead of just worrying about him getting better & doing what's best for him they are all fighting over him & his money & the only one w/out an ulterior motive is his mom. If his dad or his girlfriend get guardianship then they will put it into place that his children aren't allowed to come visit him & that's just plain BULLSHIT!! They both have tried to keep my daughters from seeing their father & I just don't think that's what's best for them or for him. How is he suppose to get better if he can't even hear his own daughters' voices. Everybody knows that these girls are his life. He may not always be the best at showing that or doing the best for them, but I know what his true feelings are about his children. He needs them in order to get better. If he knows they need him then he will fight to get better instead of giving up all hope.

So anyhow I'm going to cut this short I'm exhausted & need to go to bed & talking about all this stress is stressing me out even more & making me even more tired.

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